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Case Study: MRB Minibus Hire

A true success story… MRB Minibus Hire wanted a new image to go with their new minibus. We designed a smart new logo and a clear, professional looking website. The website has gone from strength to strength and is currently at Number 1 in Google for “Minibus Hire Basingstoke”.

Mike Barnes of MRB Minibus Hire in Basingstoke came to inception2 asking us to design a new logo and new website for his business. MRB Minibus Hire provides a 16 seater minibus and driver for hire to customers for events ranging from nights out to sporting events. This page explains the process from start to finish and you can see how inception2 worked with Mike to improve and enhance his business proposition.

The Brief

MRB Minibus Hire had been successfully operating for over 12 months and had a logo, website and minibus branded accordingly. However, as business was picking up, Mike decided he wanted to buy a new minibus with a more executive feel and, at the same time, improve the image of his company by getting a new logo and matching website. The new bus was to be branded with the new logo with the ultimate aim of portraying a more professional and luxurious image and therefore attracting a more upmarket customer base.

The old MRB website, logo & minibus

The main requirement was that the company colours were kept as red, black and white and that the logo simply contained the letters M, R and B and was clear and crisp so that it would be obvious when people saw the bus out and about. Mike also wanted to switch to our web hosting service so that we could manage his site for him and also asked us to set up a business email address for him.

The Process

Mike contacted inception2 via our website and we quickly arranged a face to face meeting with him to find out more about him, his company and what he wanted.

The first stage was to design the new logo as everything depended on this – the new bus, the website etc… We designed 5 different logo options for Mike to compare and we held a second face to face meeting to get his feedback and narrow the choice down to a single design. Once the final logo design was chosen, we spent time tweaking it based on feedback from Mike until we were both happy with the final design and the logo was completed.

The second stage was to produce the new website. Mike opted for a Starter Pack website with 4 pages, including a website contact form for email enquiries. Again, we worked closely with Mike to finalise the design of the website. We made the beta website available to Mike so that he could check both the design and the content. Once he was happy with both the site was ready to go live!

The End Result

The final logo design is bright, modern and clear and looks great on screen, on business cards and on the minibus! With consistant branding throught, MRB Minibus Hire now has a professional brand identity that can be used in many ways.

MRB’s new website and logo design in action

Positive Feedback

Mike has received excellent feedback from his customers, both existing and new, complimenting both his new minibus and his new website. Mike is also very please with the personal service he received from inception2:

“I always felt that your only concern was that whatever you provided would be perfect for me. You clearly went above and beyond your remit to ensure that I received a service that was second to none. Your anticipation of my needs before I even realised that I needed them was fantastic and the suggestions made were invariably spot on. The logo was exactly what I wanted and very quickly produced. The website has received many favourable comments particularly with regards to its clear and concise layout. All in all, this was a very professionally conducted piece of work and should you require a reference for any future prospective client, then I would be more than happy to endorse your work.”

If you think inception2 can help rebrand your company, please contact us today and we’d be more than happy to discuss your website or logo design requirements with you.

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